Ensemble Auditions

Audition for any one of USC mUSiC's major ensembles today! Travel and perform with us and receive instruction from international musicians and instructors.

Virtual Ensemble Auditions

In keeping with the University's protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic USC mUSiC continues to conduct all ALL performances, virtually. As a result, we head into the next academic year (2021-2022), with Virtual Ensemble Auditions. Please be advised that you do not have to be a USC student in order to audition to become a member of one of our ensembles. Past USC students and community members are also welcome!

A playlist of all our Virtual & LIVE Ensemble Performances like "A Day Will Come", "GOD!", "And Wherever You Go" and more, can be found on our "USC mUSiC - Music Videos" playlist on our YouTube Channel

Audition Guidelines

Read carefully and fill out the Submission Form below.

1. Singers! Your video should include:

    a. A recording of a song of your choice that demonstrates the quality of your voice as well as your vocal technique and ability.

    b. A recording of yourself singing the Vocal Range Test. This tests your pitch-matching ability, as well as your range. Follow the recording to demonstrate your lowest and highest singable notes. This will help us to place you in the correct section.

2. Instrumentalists! Your video should include:

    a. You playing any two (2) major and two (2) minor scales of your choice.

    b. A recording of a song of your choice that demonstrates your range and technical ability. Your technique should also be visible in your submission video. Please have your camera set up in a      manner that allows the way you play your instrument to be clearly visible to us.


  • Recordings should be done in landscape mode (preferrably) with as little background noise as possible. Upload it at the end of the Submission Form below. Musicians who are auditioning as both a vocalist and instrumentalist will need to filll out, and record, two separate audition videos. 
  • Each video should be at least five(5) minutes in length.

USC mUSiC Major Ensembles

  • University Choir & Orchestra
  • University Symphony Orchestra
  • University Chorale
  • University String Ensemble
  • University Steel Orchestra

Virtual Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule

  • University Choir and Orchestra (UCO): Tuesdays and Thursdays: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • University Steel Orchestra: Mondays: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

USC mUSiC Programmes

If you have any questions regarding auditions, please fill out the Information Request Form

Submission Form for Virtual Ensemble Auditions