Our Music Program is unique to the Caribbean... Have a look at our academic offerings and select the one that's right for you!

Bachelor of Arts in Music

As the only Undergraduate Music Program in the region with a Music Education Emphasis, our Bachelor of Arts in Music (Music Education emphasis) degree, offers you an exciting blend of practical musicianship and classroom training that prepares you for success as a music educator, performer, or in any field you choose to practice your craft. Students who enroll in our Music Program not only receive opportunities to travel with their ensembles, they are also given the privealge to learn from and be taught by musicians and professors from all around the globe as part of our on-going Featured Artist Series. This comprises of a series of masterclasses (groups and individual lessons) including workshops that persons outside of the university are welcome to join. 

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USC Music's very own, Ms. Rosalynn and Cynthia Ward receiving their Honorary Doctorates at USC's 2019 Graduation Ceremony.

Associate of Arts in Music

If you are not sure that you want to take the plunge as a full-time music educator or performer, the Associate of Arts in Music could be right for you! This two year program gives you that step up you need as you step your feet into the wonderful world of mUSiC...

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Johnatan Blackman, MB in Finance and Accounts at USC's 2019 Graduation Ceremony. 

Music Minor

Your ultmate goal may not be to pursue a fulltime career in music, but your passion keeps calling out to you. The Music Minor is designed for those who need a musical "top up" or may just be testing the waters while pursuing other goals...

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Ms. Diahann White, Director of the Women's Chorus, accepting her award from Ms. Rosalynn Ward at USC Music's First Annual Awards Ceremony.

Preliminary Music Programme

Just in case you'd like to take this music thing a bit more seriously but may be short of the entry requirements for our degree programs, we've designed a special track to get you there... 

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Students of the St. Lucia SDA Academy participating in USC mUSiC's St. Lucia Genesis Recital in St. Lucia, May of 2019.