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We believe that music, created by God and given to us as a gift, is one of the most fundamental forms of expressions available to us. As such, we believe that the study of music should be made available to everyone. Recognizing, however, that persons may wish to study music at varying academic levels, the Music Minor programme offers core courses that develop the musician’s foundational skills in music making. Through the development of these basic skills, and in conjunction with opportunities for exposure, this programme will enable students to function as supporting musicians in church, school, and the wider community.

Courses required for the Minor in Music (26 credits)

Core Courses (18 Credits)

MUCT133 Music Theory I (3)
MUCT134 Music Theory II (3)
MUCT123 Ear Training & Sight-Singing I (2)
MUCT124 Ear Training & Sight-Singing II (2)
MUCT132 Intro to Music Technology (3)
MUED222 Fundamentals of Conducting (2)
Select One (1) from:
     MUHL231 Music History I (3)
     MUHL232 Music History II (3)
     MUHL322 Caribbean & World Music (2)

Performance Courses (08 Credits) (Non-Performance Emphasis)

MUPF110-X Performance Studies (1, 1) (Primary Instrument)
MUPF210-X Performance Studies (1, 1) (Primary Instrument)
MUPF ______Ensemble Credit (1,1,1,1)
     Select one (1) Ensemble (must be taken for all 4 semesters)
          MUPF225 University Concert Band (1)
          MUPF230 University Choir & Orchestra (1)
          MUPF240 University Steel Orchestra (1)
          MUPF260 University Symphony Orchestra (1)

Note: Music minors must also complete the following:

  1. Pass the Piano Proficiency Test (non-piano minors who need to satisfy the Piano Proficiency requirements must take MUPF111-114, Piano I-IV).
  2. Pass the Grade 5 ABRSM/TCL Examination
  3. Perform a 20-minute partial recital