The USC mUSiC Academy is a subsidiary of the Music Department at the University of the Southern Caribbean. Established in 2019, this outreach arm of the department aims to make Music Education accessible and affordable to all learners.

USC mUSiC Academy students with Coordinator of USC mUSiC, Mr Kerron Hislop in 2017

School Programmes:

In addition to individual instruction, the academy has developed ensemble programmes for the primary and secondary school. Programmes are designed to meet the needs of the school in an extra-curricular setting. Ensembles are managed by the advanced students of USC mUSiC through the USC mUSiC Academy.


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History of the Academy

In 1994 the USC mUSiC Department, under the leadership of Dr. Rosie Ward, opened a music conservatory that provided individual and group classes to interested students of any age. After 3 successful years the conservatory project closed when teachers were no longer available. In 2019, the Academy experienced re-birth and continues to meet the aims of the 1993 conservatory.

Mission Statement

To provide accessible and affordable music education to all interested learners.

Goals of the Academy

  • To develop music literacy in potential USC mUSiC students.
  • To establish a connection to the community by providing a much-needed service.

Payment Methods

Information about our various online and offline payment methods can be found here

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