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We are excited that our USC Music programmes will attract many students and we are aware that the students’ musical backgrounds will be highly diverse. As such, there may be instances where applicants meet University matriculation requirements but exhibit deficiencies that indicate the need for further preparatory work, leading up to the entry level for our B.A., A.A., and Music Minor programmes. Our Preliminary Music Programme is designed to bridge that gap.

Courses required for the Preliminary Music Programme (8 credit hours)

  • MUCT103 Music Foundations I (3 cr)
  • MUCT104 Music Foundations II (3 cr)
  • MUCT105 Aural Training I (1 cr)
  • MUCT106 Aural Training II (1 cr)
Additionally, if deficiencies exist in the practical area, students may be required to take preliminary applied music lessons on their primary instrument (generally 2 additional credits).
Students should note that credit hours from the Preliminary Music Programme (PMP) do not count toward graduation requirements. The cost of the programme is separate from the cost of the degree programmes and it is not covered by GATE funding (T&T students). The entire PMP generally lasts for a period of 2 semester and the programme is administered by the Department of Music and Fine Arts.
Cost:  The cost of the PMP's courses are equivalent to the cost of regular university credits, currently $832 / credit
Avg. no of credits in full PMP = 10
Cost of 10 credits = $8,320 ($832 *10 credits)