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For over forty years, the Department of Music and Fine Arts has been known for its musical legacy throughout the Caribbean region and beyond. Our legacy continues to be forged by the efforts of dedicated faculty and our talented students who are seeking to develop their musical talents to the glory of God and for the benefit of those we serve.



With these triple layer, reversable and machine washable USC mUSiC masks, you can have an additional layer of protection for you and your family. Customers can easily place their own filters within the masks which provides an extra layer of protection from droplets in the air of potnetially affected persons (or asymptomatic individuals). 

These masks are only $30TTD | $15EC and even $6USC and you can place your order by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery options are only available in Maracas, St. Joseph and environs. Please contact 868-798-0742 to arrange your pick-up or delivery for your order.


Our Department

Welcome to the Department of Music and Fine Arts of the University of the Southern Caribbean. If you've been looking for someplace that will allow you to develop your musicianship to its fullest potential while you create lasting relationships and learn to serve, look no further...

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Our Faculty

With our highly qualified faculty to guide, you'll soon experience the fulfillment of student centred learning, one-on-one class sessions with internationally trained instructors, and the opportunity to network with peers and notable musicians. 

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Begin your professional musical journey today; enrich your life experience and become part of a musical legacy that is unique. We look forward to having you join our family here at USC Music!

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