Our Mission is to provide premier education in the Arts through best practices in teaching and learning, and by encouraging innovation and creativity in artistic expression as a means of meeting the human needs of the community.

USC Music is committed to the development of musical talent for the church and community as we strive to uphold the highest Christian ideals.  We seek to enhance the sacred, academic, and cultural aspects of campus life through the creation of an atmosphere of well-being for the development and growth of artistic appreciation.  It is the hope of the department that through its programmes, students will be prepared to offer quality service to society, as well as pursue further academic and professional goals.

Department objectives

The Department of Music and Fine Arts seeks to prepare students for lifelong learning and lifelong service, through the Arts, to their community.  In an effort to achieve this goal the department will:


  • Provide a learning environment that is based on Christian values
  • Encourage students to develop their capacity for creativity in expression.
  • Prepare students to contribute positively to the musical landscape of the church and society.