Why USC Music?

At USC mUSiC, our faculty and staff work hard to ensure that our students receive the best that we can offer them in relation to education, bigger opportunities and guidance. There are many reasons why you should choose to join the USC mUSiC family...

USC mUSiC at Princes Town SDA Church, October 5th, 2019.

Because you want to return your gifts to the Almighty who gave them to you... 

At USC Music we believe that our musical talents were given to us by God and it's our duty and responsibility to use them wisely in the service of God and others. USC's value-based education offers the perfect environment for the development of these gifts in the proper context. 

Our very own Davonti-Ja Gordon, graduate of our BA Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. Davonti performing at our 2016 Christmas Concert entitled "Peace".

Because growing as a person is as important as your development as a mUSiCian...

At USC mUSiC you'll find we believe, that being a talented musician is not enough. Consistency, integrity and self-discipline are the hallmarks of true success and here's a great place to develop these traits!

"IDENTITY" at TGS 2019. IDENTITY is the Winner of the 2017 A Capella Festival and their latest track is entitled "A Christmas Remix", which released on December 22nd, 2019. 

Because you want to be pushed to achieve your Full Potential!

Our knowledgable and caring faculty and staff will challenge you to grow in ways you never thought possible. The doors of our qualified professors are always open, allowing for the individual attention you require to tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge, shaping your craft and achieving great success as a musician.

Vocalist, Telesha-Marie Gonzales at our Vocal Masterclass hosted by Dr Raejin Lee from La Sierra University, under our ongoing 'Featured Artist Series'.

Because you never stop learning...

At USC Music there is no limit to what you can achieve! No matter where you're starting from, once you have the ambition and the drive, we'll work with you! Our Preliminary Music Program offers opportunities to those who may be getting into the game a bit late or who might be short of our Entry Level Requirements.

The University Choir and Orchestra (UCO), our GMATT 2019 Choir of the Year, at the 'Behold Our God Barbados Tour', April 2018.

Because mUSiC brings us Together... 

Whether you're a music major, non-major, or community member, as a part of the USC Music family you'll develop relationships lasting a lifetime! The University Choir and Orchestra, our largest ensemble that grows with each passing year, consists of musicians from other programmes at USC and members of our surrounding community.


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