The Greatest Story - Bethlehem 2019

USC mUSiC and The Durey & Lesili Foundation Presents The Wonder of Christ in The Greatest Story 2019...



Celebrate the Birth of Christ With Us In Concert

November 30th 2019 at the University of the Southern Caribbean we unveil an Unexpected Experience in the The Greatest Story - Bethlehem in collaboration with special guest, gospel Artist Kevin Whalum, best known for his stellar work with Kirk Whalum, his brother in a gospel series entitled, Kirk Whalum, The Gospel According To Jazz, Chapters 1-4. We invite you to join us for an extradordinary evening where music and theatre collide...  

A Behind the Scenes Look Into The Greatest Story...

Kevin Whalum‘s love for music began at at church his father pastored in their hometown in Memphis Tennessee. Kevin later moved to Nashville to start a family and pursue his career in music with his brother and jazz legend, Kirk Whalum. Kevin now has since released three solo albums, one of which he produced himself entitled, “Timetable” in 2002. With regards to his ministry, Kevin says “I am not ordained yet, only licensed to preach, but I feel that pastoring is where I am headed.  I feel that pull on my life.  Music, however, will never be separate from my preaching.  I was given this gift to share, and share it I shall.”

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