Please read carefully the detailed instructions outlined below for the various Methods of Payment for your USC mUSiC Academy lessons. 


Please submit proof of payment (either deposit slip or online banking receipt) to the USC mUSiC Academy (UMA) Director after deposite. Indicate that the Payment is for USC mUSiC Academy Lessons followed by the date [Month, Year].

Payment via USC Cashier

  • Payments can be made via the USC Cashier on USC's Main Campus located in Maracas Royal Road, St. Joseph. Please remember all social-distancing protocols are still in place as past of the University's compliance given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Payment via Local TT Banks (TTD)

  • RBC Royal Bank Account Number: 1000-810-705-3657-6.
  • Republic Bank Account Number: 3501-927-21603.

Payment via International Wire Transfer (USD Payments)

  • RBC Royal Bank, Eastern Main Road, St Augustine Bank of New York, 48 Wall Street, NY, NY, USA. ABA# 021-000-018 to credit. Account Number: 890-0016-329 in the name of RBC Bank T&T Ltd. For further credit to A/C # 1000 180 103 16573, Swift Code –RBTTTTPX in the name of University of the Southern Caribbean.

Third Party Payment via Aeorion (Credit Card ONLY)

  • Third Party Key for the Music Department: 7235234
  • CLICK HERE to submit your payment via credit card on Aeorion.
  • Note: All payments are converted into Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TTD).